Last day as Art Director of SF Weekly

I meant to write this post much earlier today, but you know what? It didn’t happen.

But yes, it’s true. In about an hour, I will be moving on to pursue working for myself. What they hell that will become is something of a mystery right now but looks like freelance illustration and design are at the top of the list.

I will follow-up this post with something proper, but for now, I have nothing but thanks for everyone I have worked with over the course of the three years I’ve been here. There is no doubt that I have done the best work of my career so far while at SF Weekly. I wish it didn’t have to end this soon as there as so many more illustrators I wanted to work with, but alas, sometimes you don’t get to make the choice when things change.

Stay tuned for what will become of me and this crazy brain of mine.

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  1. playthebside said: wow! much luck and success on your new journey!
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